Our story

Thrill’s Kettle Corn, LLC, is a family owned business that produces products that many friends said, "You ought to market that" after being provided some as a gift. Our Kettle Corn has been popular and many farmers markets, the Country Stampede, car shows, county and state fairs and other events. In 2016, our Kettle Corn won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the popcorn competition at the Kansas State Fair. The regular got the 1st and the Caramel took home second, and our Cinnamon was awarded third. We have been to many other events and hundreds of consumers have returned to our site, after they purchased a bag and, unsolicited, said they had tried kettle corn at several locations, and ours "is the best they have had." It is not uncommon for folks to get a medium bag and consume the entire contents before they realize it is gone.

Award winning kettle corn

"Our regular Thrill's Gourmet Kettle Corn took home the First Place Prize in the Kansas State Fairpopcorn competition, the Caramel took second, and the Cinnamon took third. How about that! I was present and got to witness the judging, and the judges took a few cornels of each sample of the several other companies and wrote notes and told the crowd about the qualities of what they had just tasted and read the recipe to the crowd and said a few words. But when they tasted ours, they kept getting more, and more, and more, and then spoke highly of them and then wrote the notes on their judge sheet. I was elated with a first, second, and third. I about fell off the bench. The entries had to be in a plain container with no markings, and I did not wear a Thrill's hat or shirt. This convinced me that our products are the absolute best around I am ready to go expand with a bigger building and more lines of production. Now we can make 100-120 bags an hour with one 160 quart popper. I deliver to 44 stores, and Fanestil Meats delivers to 11 stores on just one of their routes, but they have 13 more routes that we can add. We just did the first one a couple of weeks ago. I feel that this is validation and we are for real and know what we are doing."

- Jerry Hill


E-mail thrillskettlecorn@gmail.com

Box 111, Burlingame, Ks 66413